December, 5 2018

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Unconscious Coupling
Digital Podge 2018

Lab took on the Digital Podge challenge for 2018 and what an impact they made. 

Focusing on Podges history and the numerous relationships, business deals and coincidences that have emerged from a long afternoon at a podge, they wanted to bring it all to life. 

They had a number of our podge regulars stand up and tell their stories to the room, from a marriage, to a buy-out, to a friend reunited. They also used Microsoft technology along with a unique QR code on every guests lanyard to pull an entire Podge back history of every lunch they attended, in photos. And for newcomers theirs began on the day.

They also worked with CSM Live to build the brilliant Booth of Truth. A confession box type installation in the evening bar that used Ai to chat to guests and read their emotions.

Executed brilliantly from beginning to end and a lot of fun. It definitely emphasised what Podge is all about. People and relationships.