November, 7 2016

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The Day After
Podge Lunch 2016

The Beautiful Meme took on the 2016 Podge challenge to come up with a creative approach that hadnt been done before and that really packed a punch. Every year it gets harder but these guys really did push the boat out. Their theme 'The Day After the Night Before' summed up so many of the emails we get to see after a Podge but no one else does. Where you live Podge forwards but you remember Podge backwards. 

The graphic created was truly stunning and encapsulated the idea of a Podge, and it was bought to life by digital agency BONG who created a fantastic online experience, and ICON who ensured the venue was suitably branded and cool. With digital lenticulars to boot!

Photographs of the 2016 lunch are available to view on flickr here.

Many thanks to everyone who helped us put on the 22th annual podge lunch. And thanks to guest Yves de Contades who wrote a lovely piece on the lunch.