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International Podge

After our first successful European podge in Stockholm in 2010 the Dutch rose to the challenge of hosting the 2011 lunch in Amsterdam. Dutch agency Auchtung took the lead role in the designs and website build. Particular thanks to Dick, Bert and Jessica and Robin and Noam from Adobe.

With the Olympics stealing everyone’s thunder in 2012 and my daughter's wedding in 2013, we decided to give the international scene a miss for a couple of years and stay at home, doing our best to avoid the Olympic lanes, the inflated hotel prices in London and so on. But after a great experience with the Swedes and the Dutch it was time for a Viennese Waltz in 2015.

Vienna digital agency Scoop & Spoon sorted out the logistics and the beautiful Hotel Sacher was our venue for a fantastic afternoon podging on 17th April 2015. And in true podge style the evening moved on to The Sky Bar with live music and generous sponsors money keeping the gathered guests going until midnight.

So, Sweden, Holland, Vienna in the bag and now taking bookings for 2016, volunteers please?