Design Podge

Set up in the teeth of a recession in 1994, Design Podge is still the most widely anticipated annual get-together for the design industry that's stayed the course. Twenty two years on, it's still one of the toughest tickets in town to get hold of.

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Digital Podge

On the 10th anniversary of Design Podge, Digital Podge was born. Same basic brief: bring together the leaders and leading lights in the digital industry for an afternoon of conversation, good food, new connections and old friends. Still going strong.

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Sports Podge

As with Design, and Digital, Sports Podge is a unique event in the sports management and marketing industries. Attracting key figures, and sportspeople, the event brings together fine food, great banter and the odd deal or two hatched late on over bacon butties in the bar.

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Music Podge

New in the family, this event brings together leaders within the music industry: from label owners and impresarios to musicians, producers – maybe even a sprinkling of DJs. Perhaps my time has come at last to make a name for myself and show the world my true talent? 

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Stodge Podge

Podge goes North! At last. After years of poached salmon and raspberry coulis, it felt like the right time to head home for Northern chit chat, and some proper nosh and get together some of the great agencies back in my homeland.

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Hatched between courses at Digital Podge 2009, this was our first Podge trip overseas. Our friends in Sweden gave us a very warm welcome - check out the photos. BUT anything the Swedes can do the Dutch can do better, or so they claimed. Amsterdam was the venue for Dutch Podge in June 2011. Fantastic event.



Podge DeTour

Podge has taken on many guises over the years but when Podge got active we knew we were going to see things we had never seen before. From a Bond themed golf day at Stoke Park with Ursula Andress bikini and full Scuba gear. To a day in the kent countryside in full lycra for our cycling day. We keep the Podge spirit alive in all sporting forms and always ensure there is great food and lots of drink to follow.