Making Connections

There are a few things that all my work has in common, Past & Present. First, and most important, there are people. Finding, developing and motivating great people has been at the heart of all the businesses I’ve built, grown or advised.

Secondly, there is a spirit of unselfishness. I believe you only get to keep what you give away. So, I make time to give time, to listen and support the people around me.

And if three is the magic number, then the third common thread to all my work is connecting: businesses to businesses, people to people and clients to agencies (and all points in-between). If it's work – or play, making connections is what makes me tick.


My Strengths


Individuals and teams that are motivated are more effective, more connected and more likely to stay. I look for a person's strengths and then help them build on them.


I've spent time as a young apprentice and as an MD of an agency several hundred strong. So, I know what it means to be recognised on the way up, and how lonely it can be in the boardroom when difficult decisions are required. I can mentor effectively irrespective of level.


I'm connected to agencies, and clients. Every now and then, I'll see a mutually beneficial connection between needs and skills. I join the dots, stand back, and let the work begin.



If you're in the thick of running your business, it's very difficult to stand back and see the strengths and opportunities with any clarity. A fresh pair of eyes might be just what you need.


As a start-up, or a business with years of trading, the routes to growth are not always immediately clear. I offer an independent view and advice on where growth opportunities might be lurking and how you can best drive it forward.


Over the boardroom table, the phone, or a plate of sausage and chips at the Sutton Arms, I have been bringing people together, forging business and personal relationships (and at least three marriages) that have stood the test of time.