May, 18 2018

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2001 - A Tech Odyssey
Stodge Podge 2018

On March 2nd 2018, Reckless and Stodge marked the 50th anniversary of the sci-fi masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey in true Stodge style, by celebrating the array of technological advances (the good, the bad and the ugly) that led up to the year 2001.

With comedy and style, Stodge Podge 2018took us back to a time where tech was a little less intrusive and we weren’t always ‘switched on’. 

And most impressive of all, was that Stodge 2018 fell on the same week that the horrific storm 'The Beast from The East' hit the UK, leaving most transport cancelled and people stranded. But as with all Podges the spirit was what makes it special as almost all of our 180 guests made it, and witg many coming from as far afield as Newcastle, London and Scotland, that was pretty damn impressive.

One for the history book. 

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