May, 18 2018

Play | Sports Podge

Row Row Row your Podge
Sports Podge 2018

 Thanks to the support of British Rowing, we were able to really go all out on the rowing theme for 2018. .Start did an incredible job of bringing the creative to life, with fantastic colour and vibrance in the room, they even created 25 bespoke table cloths and quizzes where the answers were related to those in the room. And each with their own comedy name, including The Kite Wheelers and The Drunken Spiders.

We had the pleasure of Mancunian poet Mike Garry performing a special poem especially for Sports Podge called 'Moments' and we were blown away by John McAvoy, who shared his very personal story on how the sport of rowing transformed his life from criminal to Iron mand and triathlete. 

A fantastic day with the likes of Dame Katherine Grainger, Phil Clapp, Greg Searle, Sally Kettle, Kiko Matthews in attendance.