May, 18 2018

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Post Truth Podge
Digital Podge 2017

Freestyle transformed Digital Podge into the ultimate “post-truth” experience. Inspired by the success of their earlier work for The Great British Postcard Competition, which redefined what being British meant post-Brexit. The post-truth treatment was our take on one of major themes of 2017 - the rise of fake news, political lies and the dislocation of reality and facts.

They worked with Blippar on a bit of augmented reality fun. Guests snapped their individual, multicoloured codes on their fake news lanyards, through the Blippar app, and were able to play a game of “Fact or Fake” which targeted the attendees. You had to decide whether the news associated with the guest was fact or fake. News headings included: World tiddlywinks champion, Former ballet dancer and arrested in an abattoir!