December, 2 2016

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Internet of Pointless Things
Digital Podge 2016

They were We Are Experience when they took on the mantle of being the creative minds behind a digital podge and by the end of the lunch they were Globant.

The 2015 Digital Podge Lunch was held on Friday 2nd December and really was a day to remember. The theme was bought to us by the Globant team in Buenos Aires, managed by Tim Hurles in the London office. One of their first projects as Globant. And not only did they bring the theme to life in the room and online, they only went and built Podge's first ever app that used beacon technology to guide all 250 guests (well almost) to their seats. It also pushed out completely pointless yet utterly fun messages to people throughout the lunch.

We had the largest ever Podge pass the parcel with 3 parvels, 60 gifts and 250 guests all enoying the generousity of the ForrestBrown teams gift selection, from moustaches and socks to ipads and apple watches. And we had a very fun augmented reality mirror and camera in the bar later that evening.

But the day cant not mention the guys that turned up in the white suits, disco light trainers and hawaiian leis round their necks. The group grows bigger every year and we absolutey love seeing what they'll turn up in. A true podge tradition in the making.

And thanks to all the fun and activity, we even got our #digitalpodge trending!