June, 2 2016

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Podge Starter
Digital Podge 2015

The reality is, at Digital Podge, the people in the room know more about digital than anyone else. They spend their lives talking about digital and innovation and the one thing driving through the industry for the last few years – to the point it’s beginning to lose meaning – is disruption, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.

Podge itself is a crowdfunded lunch so DIG, the Digital Innovation Group, decided tp poke a little bit of fun  at the great digital minds in the room, with of course, a lot of help and encouragement from the exact people it was poking fun at.

It really was the most disruptive Podge yet, with some of the most hilarious Podge starter ideas bought to life by an impromtu pitch team of Chris Averill or We Are Experience, Richard Ayers of Seven League, Nat Gross of Amaze and many more, pitching the crazy to teh obscure, from instant interactive instergram to recyclable 3D Printing.

Read the Interview with Mads Holst from DIG here at The Drum.

View the piccies here.