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Bladdered Again

Bladdered Again is the modern version of the old Bladdered by Fax. It was social networking before the term had been coined and before the internet made it so easy.

Bladdered by Fax was a monthly event for the creative community that was effectively a chain "piss up". A different design agency would choose their local pub and fax (remember the good old days of fax?) the people they wanted to invite. In addition they had to fax everyone who came to the previous one. We had a waiting list six months ahead for agencies wishing to host one but it got too big and the xmas drinks were being held at Camden Palace for 1000 guests. So after four years and thirty or so pubs it was resigned to the history books.

But then came the internet and a desire from agencies to have the odd social gathering and Clare, Pippa, Vicky and Nykeeta brought it back to life as BladderedAgain. A much more civilized affair that is now held at random intervals, rather than on a regular basis. Great fun, relaxed networking over a few Mackeson's, Watneys Red Barrel and Babycham's.

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